Here's What People Are Saying...

"As you heard from [my daughter], she gives the book 10 stars out of 5!"

Momma Braga

"The story is adorable and we mimic the actions together. We’ve read it over a dozen times in the past two days! So great to see people of color in the book!"

- Seema S.

"I have to say that my daughter won’t let me put it down! She giggles and laughs and insists on reading it herself and tries to ‘eat me up’! I absolutely love how interacting, loving and fun this book is. It’s definitely going to be a bedtime favourite for a long time!" 

- Tasneem S.

"My son Dylan loves the rhymes and wordplay and all the colourful illustrations!! It's a beautiful story - one all little kids know too well! All mamma's wanna eat up their babes!"

- Veronica D.

"[My son] is loving this book. He will sometimes walk around the house singing to himself "from the top to the bottom..." I have thoroughly enjoyed the nibbles, gobbles and tastes that go along with the story. [He] offers me each body part as we get to it so that i can eat him up!"

- Naaz S.